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JMJ Healthcare Services, LLC

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Group Consultations

  • Scheduled based on availability
  • Diabetes Educator led group discussion with others affected by diabetes.
  • Typically 90-120 min consultation
  • Support and helpful tips from peer living with diabetes
  • Follow-up planning with written instructions

Diabetes Services

We are glad to introduce our diabetes care program to the services we already provide. With the rise of diabetes, now more than ever is the time to educate and empower our communities to take control of this life challenging disease. Our staff here at JMJ Healthcare Services, LLC is committed to equipping you with the skills and tools needed to achieve your health goals and improve your quality of life. Services provided include but are not limited to;

Completion and review of a comprehensive self-assessment
Analysis of records/data downloads
Individual and group consultations        
Discuss and refine individual goals
Design or fine-tune insulin/medication program
Primary self-management education based on assessment
Follow-up planning with written instructions

Our Diabetes Care Staff

Our Diabetes Care Clinic is led by Ebob Ogork, PharmD in collaboration with Dr. Musa Momoh of Edomed Medical Associates in Glenn Dale , MD.

Dr. Musa Momoh has almost 30 years of experience in Internal Medicine and Primary Care practice. Dr. Momoh obtained his medical degree in 1984 from the University of Benin in Nigeria. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Howard University Hospital in 1997 and is a Board Certified Internist. Currently, Dr. Momoh is an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Dr. Ogork is a registered pharmacist and health consultant. She graduated with a doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2005. She is a member of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), the American Diabetes Association (ADA), as well as the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE).

What We Do

At JMJHS we offer comprehensive services for Type 2 diabetics in all walks of life helping them develop skills necessary to achieve their blood sugar goals through quality and practical health education, lifestyle changes, disease management and medication management.

Diabetes services are available in-person and remotely via phone for adults with type 2 diabetes and pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide self-care management skills using strategies that enable our clients to positively impact their quality of life, through quality health education, lifestyle changes, disease management and medication management.

Our Goals

To improve the lives of our clients and the community through the services and products we provide.
To support and encourage clients to take ownership of their health and healthcare through interactive education, medication therapy management and self-management coaching.
To employ current evidence based education in an open and conducive environment.
To promote and propagate healthcare change in the community in which we serve.

Collaboration With Other Members Of Your Healthcare Team

Our Diabetes Educators are pharmacists, dietitians and nurses committed to help you improve your blood sugar control, master advanced self-management skills, and reach your individual goals.
Our services do not replace you regular visit with your physician. We work together with the rest of your healthcare team to achieve your individual goals.

Individual Diabetes Consultations

ESTABLISHED PATIENT - Follow-Up Consultation

  • Typically 30-45 minutes consultation
  • Review of questions/logsheets/data downloads
  • Blood sugar fine-tuning
  • Relevant diabetes self-management education
  • Follow-up planning with written instructions

Individual Diabetes Consultations

NEW PATIENT -Initial Consultation

  • Completion and review of a comprehensive self-assessment
  • Submission of questions/records prior to scheduled appointment.
  • Analysis of records/data downloads prior to scheduled appointment
  • Typically 60-90 minutes consultation         
  • Discuss & refine goals
  • Design or fine-tune insulin/medication program
  • Design custom record-keeping system & communication plan
  • Primary self-management education based on assessment
  • Follow-up planning with written instructions